Colony #2


Kernel is Popcorn’s quiet buddy. We are unsure what we named him when he was trapped, as that summer more than 50 cats were trapped at this location. Since he is always hanging with Popcorn, we decided to start calling him Kernel. He hangs back, but you can often see him through the fence, waiting for his meal. 


Colony #2


Popcorn is always waiting for her food. She will come right up to the feeders she is familiar with. Popcorn was relocated to this spot with her buddy Tiki, as neither of them were welcomed back to where they were trapped. Popcorn is the most bold of the paper company cats, and definitely is the boss of the other cats.


Colony #2


Tiki was relocated with Popcorn to his current colony. He could not go back to where he came from due to humans threatening him. He is always waiting with his buddies for food, and even will get pretty close to feeders. Tiki has short legs that make him adorable, and also make it easy for him to slide under the fence. His rotund belly, however, does not help him! 


Colony #3


Clover was trapped as a very pregnant mother. She was forced to stay inside longer because she had complications with the birth of her kittens and needed medical treatment. She likely would not have survived if she had the babies outdoors. Her kittens grew up and found homes, but Clover was extremely fearful of people. Though she was not aggressive, she did not want to be inside and clearly disliked human contact. After some time of trying to socialize her, the decision was made to release her. Clover started scrabbling at her carrier to get out as soon as we got her out of the car. She took off right away, so happy to be home. She loves her two buddies, Ritz and Jay, and definitely keeps them in their place. Clover has a special place in our hearts because she was the last cat that Lauren named before she passed away. She is a happy kitty outdoors, and is a great reminder of why we do what we do. 


Colony #3


Jay was acclimated to this colony after failing to socialize as a juvenile. He could not go back to the place where he was found, so he and his buddy Ritz began their new life in this colony. He was aggressively feral while kenneled, but after being in his colony for a while, Jay has become feeder-friendly, and will come close to those whom he is familiar with. He and his two buddies are waiting to eat like clockwork, ready for a meal.


Colony #3


Ritz was introduced to this colony with his buddy Jay after he could not go back to where he was trapped. Ritz has always been very afraid of people, and kept his distance. Since being introduced to his new colony outdoors, Ritz has blossomed and is much less fearful of the world. He will even come close to the feeders. Ritz is very close with his buddies and seems to stay close to his station. 


Colony #4

Snow Drop

This beautiful girl was chased off from several colonies, so we made a colony just for her. She is extremely shy, and will only come close to one of the feeders. She often will not show her face until she is alone. Snow Drop showed up already ear-tipped, so we do not know what her backstory is. She shares a striking resemblance to Squeaky Pete, but does not appear to be friends with him. She occasionally would hang out with Felix before he was neutered, but he has stopped wandering to her station.


Colony #6

Squeaky Pete

Squeaky Pete just appeared one day in the Fall, so we are unsure where he came from. He was already ear-tipped. He is the most affectionate cat on the route, and is arguably social, but is cautious. We would like to get him inside this winter, before it gets too cold, but we need a foster home first. Squeaky Pete hangs out with the many faces of the junkyard, as it is a big dumping spots for kittens and adult cats alike. He’s a very easy-going guy.


Colony #


Fritz showed up at about the same time Snow Drop and Squeaky Pete did. Like them, he was already ear-tipped. He is more shy than Squeaky Pete, but more bold than Snow Drop. He will announce his presence when he wants food, which is pretty much always. He travels up and down several of our stations, but is most often seen at the junkyard. 


Colony #6


Brenna is a long-time resident of the junkyard. Though many cats come and go, she has been there for several years. Brenna often waits until the feeder drives away before she will come out to eat, but she will poke her head out if you wait a while. Brenna is the second-longest resident of our feral feeding route. 


Colony #7


Felix was abandoned as a kitten with his siblings. They were all trapped and able to be socialized and adopted out, but he disappeared before he could be trapped. He reappeared a few months later, which is when we TNR’d him. He is not an aggressively feral cat - he allowed us to pet him, cautiously, but it was obvious that he did not like it. With the lack of fosters available, we made the decision to rerelease him to his colony, where he seemed to be doing well. He is a timid cat, and typically hangs back until the feeder leaves. He was born in the Spring 2018.